Somewhere along the line, your customers made
a decision
that your business was one they could live without.

Change their minds.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, you didn’t quite make that connection that turns a first-time buyer into a lifelong fan.

Although a small group of your customers may actually be super fans – loyal brand advocates – you’ve noticed that this doesn’t translate into sales, and acquiring new customers is exhausting when they just fall into the same trap.

It’s like a leaky bucket!


You’re investing *so* heavily in spreading the word about your business, but marketing is not the same as customer experience. You struggle to engage with customers in a meaningful way that converts and creates that loyal fanbase your kick-ass company deserves.

Surely it shouldn’t be this hard, right? You are great at creating. Products, services, websites, whatever! So why can’t people see that? Why don’t customers come back? Why don’t they tell their friends about you? You’ve created this brilliant product, spent hours and days of your life creating content around it, but customers can’t see that. They stop visiting, stop engaging, stop buying.

If your existing customers are dropping off, pouring out of an already leaky bucket, wasting more time and money to acquire new customers is not going to change your company’s story and, if you don’t take action to reverse the trend, people might begin to talk about your business in a negative way. What’s worse, they could forget about you completely; you could fade away.

I founded Customer Essentials to help businesses create meaningful, engaging relationships with their customers making them super advocates for your brand and your offerings. There will be WOW moments, sure, but mostly there will be loyalty built on trust that you know what they are going through, what they want, and how to keep them satisfied.

I work closely with my clients to go down all the rabbit holes of customer interactions, examining every eventuality from the beginning to the end of each transaction and revealing pain points that cause leaks in the bucket. I’ll also map your team’s interactions internally and with customers to see how they work and where we can smash some hurdles.

Together, we’ll discover where customers are dropping off and why. We’ll raise the level of customer experience at each interaction, uncovering methods for boosting referrals, and ultimately boosting engagement and raising customer satisfaction levels. More satisfied super fans means more business, more revenue, more referrals, and no more leaky bucket.

You’ll save money, make more money, and make connections never before achieved with your customers. We’ll solve each pain point with process optimizations and tools that are right for you and your team, engaging customers in a real and authentic way, and creating positive stories about your business that people can’t wait to tell their friends about!

Customer Essentials

Top-down customer experience strategies show the world that your company is built for the customer, by the customer, evoking a sense of ownership and loyalty most businesses miss out on.