Invest in your customers,
and they will invest in your business.

Make Customers Happy

Why Customer Essentials:

- Somewhere along the line, your customers decided that your business was one they could live without.
- Customers leak right out of your bucket because you didn’t make that connection that turns a one-off buyer into a lifelong fan.
- They feel like they’re not being heard and move on to a company who offers them a higher level of service.
- And you move on to finding more people to fill the leaky bucket.

Just Imagine:

- Think of the leaky bucket of customers you have now, the conversion rate you have now, the revenue you have now.
- Now imagine what those numbers would look like if you plugged the holes and had a loyal base of super fans behind your business.

Plugging the Holes in Your Leaky Bucket Can:


Create experiences of excellence to show customers you deserve their money.


Double, triple, quadruple your conversion rate.


Make your company the best version of itself.


Create loyal superfans who can’t wait to tell their friends about you.


With the right direction and advice you can create that kind of customer experience for your business.

I can show you how.

Hi! I’m Brianne Villano, customer experience expert and founder of Customer Essentials.

I help businesses like yours to create meaningful, engaging relationships with their customers making them super advocates for your brand.

I have over 8 years of account management and customer success experience and I know what it takes to make your customers trust and respect you enough to give you their repeat business. I can show you how to create the kind of customer experience your customers will rave about.

Building relationships, gaining trust, and making customers smile is what I do!


Together we’ll transform
your customers’ experience.

You’re Probably Wondering:

- Can I salvage the relationships I may have damaged?
- How do I understand what my customers are thinking?
- How do I make a personal connection with my customers?
- Where are my customers dropping off?


The Customer Experience Review Will Give You the Answers

You too can create an amazing experience for your customers:

- We’ll map every interaction your customers have with your businesses.
- We’ll spot customer pain points and take actions to resolve them before they become your pain points.
- Together, we’ll discover where customers are dropping off and why.
- We’ll raise the level of customer experience at each interaction, uncovering methods for boosting referrals, and ultimately boosting engagement and raising customer satisfaction levels. 

More satisfied superfans means more business, more revenue, more referrals, and no more leaky bucket:

- You’ll save money, make more money, and make connections never before achieved with your customers.
- We’ll solve each pain point with process optimizations and tools that are right for you and your team, engaging customers in a real and authentic way, and creating positive stories about your business that people can’t wait to tell their friends about!
- Once you build this baseline of customer support, it becomes easy to WOW your customers, making an impression on them the likes of which they have not seen with your competitors.


How Does the Customer Experience Review Work?

- I become your customer! Over the course of several weeks, I go through all the touch points with your business as any other customer would, anonymously interacting with you and your team.
- I contact support with questions and evaluate not only the responses I get, but the meta data around the interactions: clarity, efficiency, personability, etc.
- I step through your website with a fine-toothed comb, analyzing the entire experience from start to finish and going down every rabbit hole that presents itself. It doesn’t stop there though.
- The analysis is repeated as if I were a returning customer opening up a whole new set of potential pain points.

This is how we’ll determine what is preventing first-time customers from becoming life-long superfans.

What Will You Get?

- A Customer Journey Map including all customer touch points
- A full report of the pain points your customers experience
- An FAQ bank based on those pain points
- Recommendations to close those points tailored specifically to your unique business
       – Including:
              – Email templates
              – CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software options
              – Knowledge Base options
              – Help Center options

  • BONUS: You’ll also receive a guide on the Basics of Customer Experience including case studies showing you real-world examples of businesses improving their customers’ experiences and watching their companies increase in value as a result.

  • SECOND BONUS: For a limited time, you’ll also have a one-to-one live call with me once the analysis is over to comb through your report to discuss the recommended options and ask all the questions you want. This will not be available during the next launch, so take advantage of it now if you want all your questions about customer experience answered.

This will transform your business and revolutionize the way your customers relate to your company. Such a small investment can take you from zero to sixty in no time.

Why wouldn’t you make that choice for your business?


You and I should be business besties if…

- You are a small business owner who doesn’t have a whole team available to focus on the customer journey and how to fix the leaks.
- You are an online entrepreneur who is amazing at creating books and content and courses, but are not sure how to keep your customers engaged with your course once they’ve put the money down.
- You are a business owner who needs to turn around the public persona of your company NOW.

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly if…

- You don’t think customer experience is important.
- You are happy with low conversion rates and revenue.
- You don’t care if customers come back to buy from you again.
- You don’t care of customers bad-mouth you on the internet and to their friends and family.
- You don’t care about turning your business into a self-sustaining machine.
- You are happy with a mediocre legacy for your company.

Working with me will:


Plug the leaky bucket, making your funnel mean something.


Increase loyal and repeat customers.


Increase conversion rate and revenue.


Get you free WOM marketing from loyal superfans, saving you $1000s.


Take Action!

Transform your business and revolutionize the way your customers relate to you.


Q: What if my company doesn’t have a big online presence?

No problem! Businesses have been around long before the internet. There are still tons of optimizations you can do to plug the leaky bucket and make your customers loyal advocates of your company.

Q: What if I can’t pay the whole $1997 up front?

I absolutely get it! That’s why there is a payment plan. So you can make the decision to invest in your business and start reaping the benefits immediately, without breaking the bank.

Q: Who the hell are you to tell me what my customers need?

I’m Brianne. Hi! An old team leader of mine has something he’d like to say.

“Brianne is an exceptional operator and manager, who made a significant impact on our customer pipeline and metrics while at Science Exchange. Her strong empathy for customers made her uniquely gifted in understanding and identifying product painpoints – no one understood our customer pipeline better.” – Bilal Mahmood, Data Analytics/Product at Optimizely

What people are saying…

  • Ana Ulin – Head of Engineering, Science Exchange

    Ana Ulin – Head of Engineering, Science Exchange

    Brianne’s amazing skill at relationship building, process optimization and mentoring had a crucial role in creating a best-of-class customer experience team at Science Exchange. I am very impressed by her ability to train customers to get the best of our platform, while establishing trust and a strong rapport. Brianne also mentored new team members, designed and implemented new processes, and interfaced with the engineering team to work on product improvements based on feedback she gleaned from customers. If I needed someone to reach out and train customers, I would hire Brianne without hesitation.

  • Carlee Busby – Customer Experience, AirBNB

    Carlee Busby – Customer Experience, AirBNB

    Brianne eagerly offered her assistance to help with PR and marketing for PechaKucha Night Raleigh while still in its early stages of development. She took on an important role in establishing PR standards that we have used for months since. I can always count on Brianne to come through when I need her help; she’s reliable, timely and communicative. She’s definitely a go-getter.

  • Conria D’Souza – Customer Experience Manager, Science Exchange

    Conria D’Souza – Customer Experience Manager, Science Exchange

    Brianne is a great addition to a team since she is not only extremely intelligent but incredibly fun to work with! She is a great problem solver who creatively thinks of solutions that optimize situations that work for her team and customers. Her resourcefulness in finding relevant apps and tools is unmatched and has lead to improved processes within the experience team. She has always maintained a great rapport with customers as she is empathetic and trustworthy. Above all, Brianne gets stuff done!

  • Bilal Mahmood – Data / Analytics / Product, Optimizely

    Bilal Mahmood – Data / Analytics / Product, Optimizely

    Brianne is an exceptional operator and manager, who made a significant impact on our customer pipeline and metrics while at Science Exchange. Her strong empathy for customers made her uniquely gifted in understanding and identifying product pain points – no one understood our customer pipeline better.

  • Simona Marie Asinovski – Product Marketing Manager, Natero

    Simona Marie Asinovski – Product Marketing Manager, Natero

    I am deeply grateful for the relationship we have with Brianne, and always thinking about how I can get Brianne’s involvement in my current projects. I am delighted to work with her and recommend her with vigor.

  • Mike Fotinakis – Senior Software Engineer, Science Exchange

    Mike Fotinakis – Senior Software Engineer, Science Exchange

    Brianne is one of a kind, she has one of the strongest work ethics I’ve ever seen and would do anything for her customers or coworkers. She always had great perspective across the whole organization and was excellent at prioritizing and pushing for what was important. Brianne had an absolute knack for finding creative workarounds for problems to keep things moving and she was always a star under pressure. She is so personable that customers couldn’t help but forge strong and lasting relationships with her. I would work with Brianne again in an instant.

Don’t waste another second…or another dollar!

Invest in your customers and
they will invest in your business.